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Recorded Webinars

Disclaimer: The content, claims and timelines included in these events, materials and communications are intended for the US market.  For information relevant outside of the US, please contact your local Atos Medical office.

Provox® Life™: Introductory webinars

Provox Life research and development insights

For healthcare professionals who were unable to attend live, the recording from Feb 16, 2021 is now available for viewing. You will gain insight into the research, user feedback and studies behind the development of this innovative product line that pushes the boundaries of pulmonary rehabilitation results to a whole new level!

Atos Webinars: Educational offerings

The following recorded webinars are offered for educational purposes only. No ASHA CEUs are offered for viewing.

Laryngectomy Focused Webinars

Tracheoesophageal Voice Restoration: Problems and Solutions

PRESENTED BY: Deanna Cohen-Mardekian, MS, CCC-SLP and Samantha Jones, MA, CCC-SLP

This course gave attendees theoretical and practical solutions for solving some of the most common problems associated with tracheoesophageal (TE) voice restoration. Specific examples of problems addressed were: leakage through and around the voice prosthesis, early device life failure of a TE voice prosthesis, immediate and delayed post-fitting aphonia, and difficulty with stomal occlusion.

Early Introduction of Hands-Free Speech After Total Laryngectomy

PRESENTED BY: Lisette van der Molen, SLP, PhD, Joann Kmiecik, MA, CCC-SLP, Ronald van der Wildt, Corina van As Brooks, PhD, Alana Kelly, SLP

This course described models, protocols, and outcomes for voice rehabilitation including early introduction of hands-free speech from two prominent cancer institutions. Participants gained knowledge on candidacy criteria and practical approaches for introducing hands-free speech early in rehabilitation.

Tracheostomy Focused Webinars

Comprehensive Review of Protection and Filtration for Tracheostomy Patients

PRESENTED BY: Meaghan Kane Benjamin, MA, CCC-SLP, Deanna Cohen-Mardekian, MS, CCC-SLP and Rommie Barhoumeh, RRT

This course provided an advanced overview of upper airway physiology, discussed the anatomic and physiologic changes in the respiratory system post tracheotomy, discussed challenges for managing patients during COVID-19 and discussed practical solutions to improve pulmonary health for patients with a tracheostomy.

Practical Guide to Tracheostomy HMEs: UK Perspective

PRESENTED BY: Allana Kelley, Izzy Aldred, Danielle Esteves and Barry Ford

This course provided a basic overview of the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory tract, discussed the physiologic differences for patients with tracheostomy, discussed specific challenges for managing patients during COVID-19 and discussed solutions to provide protection and improve pulmonary health for patients with a tracheostomy.

Following the Continuum of Care Post-Tracheostomy

PRESENTED BY: Rommie Barhoumeh RT, Darrell Bryant RT, Kimberly Weir MS, CCC-SLP, Meaghan Benjamin MA, CCC-SLP and Deanna Cohen-Mardekian MS, CCC-SLP

This course provided an overview of the considerations for assessment and weaning process from mechanical ventilation to spontaneously breathing. It also discussed challenges for managing patients during COVID-19 including how to evaluate for HME with both closed suction and HME on the self-ventilating patient and how this impacts mobility, sleeping and communication.

Interdisciplinary Airway Management and Learnings from COVID-19: A Panel Discussion

PRESENTED BY: Deanna Cohen-Mardekian MS, CCC-SLP and Meaghan Kane-Benjamin MA, CCC-SLP

This panel, comprised of SLPs, RTs and MDs from leading facilities in the US, focused on tracheostomy management, development and role of an interdisciplinary airway team, post-COVID laryngeal sequalae, and general learnings to date. Recorded on July 14, 2020.


In-Hospital Tracheostomy Care: Humidification and Filtration Options

PRESENTED BY: Julie Bishop-Leone, MA, CCC-SLP

Tracheostomy bypasses the upper airways and as a result, the important, natural humidification and filtration functions are lost. The tracheostomy creates an open portal of entry for unconditioned air, microbes and other fine airborne particles into the lower airways. Atos Medical is providing expanded access to our line of tracheostomy heat and moisture exchangers and filters for US healthcare facilities. This product information webinar is designed to introduce the options that are now available and answer questions about specifications and indications for use.