After a tracheotomy you will have a tracheostoma, with a tracheostomy tube entering your trachea (also known as your windpipe). This will change your way of breathing and speaking.

Breathing through a tracheostoma means breathing in dry, cold and unfiltered air. This will irritate the mucosa of your lungs, and as a result, you might experience increased mucus production and coughing. By using an HME, you will help to restore the lost functions of the nose and mouth. Provox XtraFlow, Provox XtraMoist and TrachPhone will heat, humidify and filter the inhaled air, reducing mucus production and coughing.

Speaking is possible by occluding the tracheostomy tube, provided there is enough space between the trachea and the tube. By occluding the tube during exhalation you will breathe out via your nose and mouth. The air from your lungs will pass your vocal cords, producing your voice. You can occlude the tube directly with your finger, or via an HME.

To speak without using your hands you can use a speaking valve to occlude the tracheostomy tube during exhalation.

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